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Beta Just Launched!

Spend less time organizing,
time making.

Use the world's first and only digital artboard to organize your physical tools.Then buy the holders. Save time and money with ToolWall.

Built with ToolWall

Below are real tool walls designed with the artboard and built using the holders.

Loved by people everywhere.

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    • I love the whole concept of ToolWall! We are moving to a new house in August and I’m going to plan my new garage with your software and order everything!

      Dean Palmer Jr
      Blue Edge Lighting Design
    • Your idea is awesome, especially cool that you let us buy the plans if we have the machines ourselves. Right around the time I found your site before launch, I had just started putting up French cleat strips in all of our working spaces and garages.

      Adam Bancroft
    • I am equally impressed by the product and the website! The interactive tool board artwall is very well done.

      Daniel Yang
    • What you have came up with is very pleasing to the eye, unique, and I love the aesthetic. Congratulations on your launch.

      Julie Malbouef
    • Very cool product. I was looking everywhere for a tool design layout and have been following along in the process for the last 6 months. Keep up the good work!!


Easy Assembly

Our modular system can be assembled in as little as three steps. No woodworking experience required.

Attach the French Cleat to the wall

Pick a wall where you want to mount your tools. Screw the french cleat to the wall. The bevel should be on top and go into the wall so the holder can sit on it.

You can buy the french cleat from our store or cut it yourself with any piece of scrap wood of size (12" * 3").

Assemble the holder

Insert the Vertical piece into the TSlats opening till the fit tightens. There might be a small gap between the pieces. Don’t force it in.

The picture on the right is of a drill/driver holder. The other holders fit together similarly.

Attach the holder to the wall

Seat your tool on the holder. Check for tightness.

Made from high quality materials

Uses least amount of materials for sturdy fit.

Delivered fast, satisfaction guaranteed.

Or money back, no questions asked.

Modular, easy to move.

Frenchcleat designs makes it easy to reassemble easily.

Built by Makers in US, for Makers everywhere.

Each purchase from us supports other small businesses.

Ready?Start designing your ToolWall today.