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Screw Drivers Holder


This holder is perfect for holding screw drivers of any brand. The open design ensure the tool is easy to grab and hold, but secure in place. It comes in multiple slot options.

Product information




  • FrenchCleat design that locks on the wall.
  • Available in various materials and sizes.
  • Sanded, unfinished for a lifetime of use.
  • Each purchase supports other small businesses.
  • Made in USA.


The holder includes 4 pieces: 2 frenchcleat TSlats and 1 vertical holder and 1 horizontal holder. The pieces lock together using slot and tab design for easy reassembly.

Built with ToolWall

Below are real tool walls designed with the artboard and built using the holders.

Easy Assembly

Our modular system can be assembled in as little as three steps. No woodworking experience required.

Attach the French Cleat to the wall

Pick a wall where you want to mount your tools. Screw the french cleat to the wall. The bevel should be on top and go into the wall so the holder can sit on it.

You can buy the french cleat from our store or cut it yourself with any piece of scrap wood of size (12" * 3").

Assemble the holder

Insert the Vertical piece into the TSlats opening till the fit tightens. There might be a small gap between the pieces. Don’t force it in.

The picture on the right is of a drill/driver holder. The other holders fit together similarly.

Attach the holder to the wall

Seat your tool on the holder. Check for tightness.